BAT Race

The Bat Race : The world’s first underground stand up paddling competition on Europe’s largest underground lake in St-Léonard, Valais, Switzerland was back on 10th March 2018 !

 The BAT Race 2018 is over !

A big thank you to all participants for coming to this new BAT Race ! Thanks for you participation, good mood, fair-play ! Un big thank you to Cedric, manager of the place, Arthur for the great food, the volunteers : Angélique, François, Florian, Phil & Phil, Guillaume ! A big thanks you to Axel for the pictures, Yoann & Sarah for the coming video ! Thanks to our great partners : Red Paddle Co, Julbo, Rubbish, Mood, Supskin, Get Up Sup Mag, le Nautic, Blue1310 !

Un grand merci à tous les participants pour être venus à la BAT Race ! Merci pour votre participation, bon humeur et fair-play ! Un grand merci à Cédric, qui gère le lac, à Arthur pour le déjeuner, et à notre belle et joyeuse équipe de bénévoles : Angélique, François, Florian, Phil & Phil, Guillaume ! Un grand merci à Axel pour les photos, Yoann et Sarah pour la video qui arrive ! Merci à nos super partenaires : Red Paddle Co, Julbo, Rubbish, Mood, Supskin, Get Up Sup Mag, le Nautic, Blue 1310 !

Fun sprint race... underground

Anna Tschirsky, Tanja Ecker & Sigrid Baumgartner

Jérémy Laugerat, Olivier Comazzi, Nick Crettenand

The BAT Race in the news !

RTS (Swiss National TV)

Journal de TF1 / TF1 evening news (#1 TV network in France)

Sportschau : German sports network

Canal 9 (Regional TV network)

Lake St-Léonard is Europe’s largest underground lake. The about 300 m long pool is housed in a cave hidden in mountainside in the beautiful region of Valais, known for its vineyards, apricot orchards and world-class ski resorts. Mostly unaffected by the seasons change, the lake’s water is at a constant 11°C year-round and the air temperature in the cave averages 15°C. The lake is open to the public from March to October and can be visited through guided tours, which bring visitors on a rowing boat tour through the lake’s several bays.

Stand up paddling on the lake is forbidden and has been granted exclusively to the Alpine Lakes Tour for this unique event!

Le programme de la BAT Race 2018 / BAT Race 2018 schedule

  • 9h00 : Accueil / welcome
  • 9h30 : Premier tour femmes / First round women
  • 10h00 : Premier tour hommes / First round men
  • 10h45 : Premier tour enfants / First round kids
  • 11h00 : Premier tour tandem / First round tandem
  • 11h30 : 2eme tour femmes / Second round women
  • 11h50 : 2eme tour hommes / second round men
  • 12h00 : 2eme tour enfants / second round
  • 12h00 – 13h00 : pause déjeuner, accès libre au lac (réservé aux personnes inscrites) / Lunch – Free access to the lake (for registered participants)
  • 13h30 : 2eme& 3eme tours tandem / Second & Third rounds tandem
  • 14h00 : 1/2 finale femmes / Semi-finals women
  • 14h20 : Finales enfants / Kids finals
  • 14h30 : consolante hommes / first round losers tournament men
  • 15h00 : consolante femmes / first round losers tournament women
  • 15h30 : 1/2 finales femmes / semi finals women
  • 15h50 : 1/2 finales hommes / semi finals men
  • 16h00 : finale femmes / finals women
  • 16h15 : finale tandem / finals tandem
  • 16h30 : finale hommes / finals men
  • 17h00 : Remise des prix / Prize award ceremony
  • 17h30 Concert