Samuel Carbillet new star of the Alpine Lakes Tour

Samuel Carbillet

Saturday october 13th – Canal de Savières, Savoy – France.

A magnificent weather, new courses, competitors from 5 different countries, and a magnificent fight between Olivier Comazzi and Samuel Carbillet for the last Alpine Lakes Tour 2019 stage. (next race : the GlaGla Race !)

Samuel Carbillet, the local rider had already won this race in 2017 and finished 2nd last year behind Vincent Verhoeven. He won this time in 1h 22min and 58s with 4 seconds ahead of Olivier Comazzi.

More consistent this year on the whole Alpine Lakes Tour, he finished first overall in the Alpine Lakes Tour 2019 and ahead of Olivier Comazzi 31 points (745.5 vs. 714.5). Wolfgang Guetg is 3rd overall with 695.5 points.

Ugo Clay third on the race remained hooked on the lead duo until the exit of the canal and the finish on Lake Bourget.

Tanja Ecker Alpine Lakes Tour Savières
Tanja Ecker winner of the Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières and Lake Bourget

 In the women category, Tanja Ecker (2nd in 2018) won in 1h34’31 seconds ahead of Lidvina Champendal and Emmanuelle Marcon. 

Emmanuelle Marcon is first in the overall ranking of the Alpine Lakes Tour 2019. Tanja is 2nd overall, Siri Schubert is third.

Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières and Lake Bourget 2019 video

Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières & Lake Bourget results

Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières & lake Bourget podiums

Long distance (13,6 km)

Men 14′ hardboard 

  1. Samuel Carbillet 1:22:58
  2. Olivier Comazzi 1:23:02
  3. Ugo Clay 1:26:35

Women 14′ 

  1. Tanja Ecker 1:34:31
  2. Lidvina Champendal 1:36:17
  3. Emmanuelle Marcon 1:36:40

Men 12’6 hardboard 

  1. Stéphane Guillermin 1:25:30
  2. Christophe Dusserre 1:45:23
  3. Jean Baptiste Poirier 1:51:21

Women 12’6 

  1. Sara Oddera 1:40:14
  2. Martine Chollet 1:54:44
  3. Beatrice Rambeaud 2:13:43

Men 14′ inflatable 

  1. Jérémy Laugerat 1:34:32
  2. Nick Crettenand 1:34:38
  3. David Ferrand 1:38:57

Men 12’6 inflatable

  1. Benoit Ruffier 1:38:45
  2. Florian Cador 1:40:24
  3. Fabrice Bernoud 1:44:01


  • Flamingo Team 2:04:43


  • Leilou Spano 1:52:02

Short distance results (7 km)

Men 14′ Harboard

  1. Wolfgang Guetg 41mn40s
  2. Nicolas Andrey 42mn29s
  3. Edouard Favre-Felix 43mn45s

Women 14′ 

  1. Florence Aldin 52mn33s
  2. Jocelyne Dinten 55mn06s
  3. Hélène Tourvielle 58mn24s

Men 14′ Inflatable

  1. Vincent Lemaire 43mn51s
  2. Renato Rosario Donascimento 50mn35s
  3. Arnaud Duyck 51mn45s

Women 12′6 Harboards

  1. Delphine Jalmain 51mn53s
  2. Anne Delgove 56mn54s
  3. Victoria Marchanka 58mn12s

Women 12’6 Inflatable 

  1. Marie Theraulaz 52mn12s
  2. Josselyn Verdon 55m11s
  3. Sophie Cador 55mn55s

Men 12’6 

  1. Jean-Philippe Dargeou 46mn36s
  2. Florian Noly 50mn44s
  3. Adrien Courchet 52:45s

Full results below

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