La BAT Race a unique under the ground SUP Race

Have you heard of the BAT Race ? Would like to register ? The BAT Race, one of the most famous Alpine Lakes Tour Races, is usually held in the middle of March….

The BAT Race is, according to the late SUP Race magazine SUP Racer, the most unique SUP Race in the world. This event is all the more exceptional as it is only organized every 4 or 5 years. The last edition dates from 2022 and the next is planned for 2025.

This underground lake in Switzerland is no ordinary body of water. Lake St. Leonard holds a constant, year-round air temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (59 F) and water temp of 11 (52 F).

The Bat Race will also be unique because it’s usually forbidden to stand up paddle on Lake Saint Leonard. Organisers have been granted special permission to host this one off race, and only a handful of paddlers have been allowed access to the lake.

Due to the very obvious space restrictions, entries for the Bat Race is limited to 60 paddlers and a few spectators.

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Check Alpine Lakes Tour 2024 Schedule. There will be no BAT Race, but we have another very special Race : The Alpine Paradise Race !

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BAT RACE 2022 : the results !

The BAT RACE 2022 is over ! Thanks to all participants who took the usual challenge to compete in a SUP Race… under the surface of the earth !

Bat Race 2022 photo : Alexis Fernet

The Alpine Lakes Tour has struck a blow again at the start of the season with the return of the BAT Race: the only underground paddle race!

Saturday March 12, 2022, stand-up paddle enthusiasts from Switzerland, France, Italy and even the Czech Republic and Poland had an appointment for this reissue of a world first at Lac de St-Léonard, the largest underground lake in Europe, located in Valais (Switzerland).

The fact of being underground, almost in the dark, gives a very unique atmosphere to this race.

A very feminine race 

It’s rare enough to point it out: there were more women than men yesterday at the BAT Race with a very high level!

A paddle tournament

Competitors competed in a tournament with a women’s board and a men’s board. All participants were able to run at least 3 times.  

The equipment (paddle, vest, paddles) was provided by the Alpine Lakes Tour’s sporting partner: Red Paddle Co, inventor of the inflatable stand up paddle.

A race in disguise!

The theme was naturally that of superheroes! But not everyone had to be Batman or Batwoman… A special prize was awarded for the best costumes!

The results

Finalists women tournament

  1. Leilou Spano
  2. Nicole Angeloz
  3. Loreline Rossel
  4. Samelia Perrenoud
  5. Marie Théraulaz
  6. Audrey Vassali

Finalists men tournament

  1. Wolfgang Guetg
  2. Olivier Comazzi
  3. François-Xavier Vuchot
  4. Fabrice Bernoud
  5. Stéphane Guillermin
  6. Édouard Favre-Felix

Finalists kids tournament

  1. Hugo Viguier
  2. Chloé Fortin
  3. Jade Vienot Carteret
  4. Thomas Fortin 

 The underground lake of Saint Léonard

The underground lake of St-Léonard is located in Switzerland, between Sion and Sierre, in the heart of the Valais Alps. This lake nestles between 30 and 70 meters deep. With a length of almost 300 meters, it is the largest natural and navigable underground lake in Europe. Weakly influenced by seasonal changes, the temperature of the cave is constantly around 15 degrees, that of the water at 11 degrees.

Open to the public from March to October, the lake can be explored by taking part in guided tours on boats with a capacity of 40 people. Original events are regularly offered there, such as aperitifs or concerts on board the boats. 

The official opening of the lake to the public for the 2022 season will take place next weekend.

Navigating the lake on a stand-up paddle is totally unique and reserved for this stage of the Alpine Lakes Tour.

The BAT RACE 2022 : tomorrow !

Get ready for the BAT Race 2022 ! We start on saturday March 12th at 8 am

Préparez vous pour la BAT Race 2022 ! Nous démarrons demain samedi 12 mars à 8h

For the second time in the Alpine Lakes Tour history, we will have more women than men competing ! Pour la seconde fois dans l’histoire de l’Alpine Lakes Tour nous aurons plus de femmes que d’hommes à courir !

We will have 38 competitors from France, 23 from Switzerland, 4 from Italy and 1 from Poland, 1 from Czech Republic, and one from England.

How to get to the Lake / Information sur l’accès au site

The address / L’adresse :
Lac Souterrain de Saint-Léonard
CP 75, Rue du Lac 21
1958 Saint-Léonard, Suisse
Here is a google map link / Vous trouverez ici un lien google map

You have a large parking lot on “rue du lac” / Vous avez un grand parking au bout de la rue du Lac.

Le parking sur la rue du lac
La montée au lac

Go to the end of the street and follow the signs ! climb up to the entrance of the lake / Allez au bout de la rue du lac et suivez les panneaux , montez à pied jusqu’à l’entrée du lac.

You will have to pay CHF 12 for the entrance to the lake (free for the kids) / Vous aurez à payer CHF 12- pour l’entrée au lac souterrain.

Schedule / Programme BAT RACE 2022

  • 08:00    Welcome and confirmation of registration
  • 08:30 – 09:30  1st round Men
  • 09:30 – 10:30  1st round Women
  • 10:30 – 11:15   2nd round Men
  • 11:15 – 12:30  2nd round Women
  • 12:30 – 13:30 Tandem races
  • 13:30 – 14:00  Kids Race
  • 14:00 – 14:30  3rd round Men
  • 14:30 – 15:00  3rd round Women
  • 15:00 – 15:45 consolation Men
  • 15:45 – 16:30 consolation Women
  • 16:30 – 17:00 1/2 finals Men & Women
  • 17:00 – 17:15 finals Men & Women
  • 17:15 – 17:45 free access to the lake
  • 17:45  prize giving ceremony

Lunch / Food

For those who have booked the meals offered by the Frisé Gourmet, you will have to pay for them on site in Swiss Francs or Euros. Drinks will be offered in addition (2€/CHF2). For those who have not booked, we will have a few “hot Diots” with shallots to order (within the limit of stocks available on your arrival). The bar will be open for coffees and drinks.

Pour ceux qui ont réservé les repas proposés par le Frisé Gourmet, vous aurez à les régler sur place en Francs Suisses ou en Euros. Des boissons seront proposées en complément (2€/CHF2). Pour ceux qui n’ont pas réservé nous aurons quelques “hot Diots” aux échalotes à commander (dans la limite des stocks disponibles à votre arrivée). Le bar sera ouvert pour des cafés et boissons.

Sécurité et équipement / Safety & Required equipment

Les participants doivent être couvert par une assurance en responsabilité civile / Registered participants have to be insured with a liability insurance.

Les SUP sont fournis (Red Paddle Elite Race 26″ et 28″ en 12’6). Prévoyez de prendre votre pagaie. SUP are provided by the organizers. Take your paddle.

Wetsuits are recommended but not compulsory / Les combinaisons sont recommandées mais pas obligatoires.

Updated information / Information à jour régulièrement sur notre page Facebook et sur Twitter.

Contact : / tel : +33 6 85 85 6006 (Benoit)

More about the Alpine Lakes Tour 2022

Ouverture des inscriptions pour l’Alpine Lakes Tour canal de Savières et lac du Bourget registration opening

The stage of the Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières and Lac du Bourget has been a classic on the circuit since 2014. The route is very varied between the picturesque Canal de Savières and the majestic Lac du Bourget approached in its wildest and most peaceful part. This year and for the first time this stage will take place in April, on Sunday 3.

Registration opening February 17th at 8 pm (Paris Time)

L’étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières et lac du Bourget est une classique du circuit depuis 2014. Le parcours est très varié entre le pittoresque canal de Savières et le majestueux lac du Bourget abordé dans sa partie la plus sauvage et tranquille. Cette année et pour la première fois cette étape aura lieu en avril, le dimanche 3.

Ouverture des inscriptions le 17 février à 20h (heure de Paris)

2 distances on the program in the morning with a long distance of 13.5 km with a round trip from the village of Chanaz (first upstream then 3 km on the lake before descending the canal) and a short distance of 6.5 km from Chatillon beach (municipality of Chindrieux) on Lake Bourget then down the canal in the direction of the current to Chanaz). More info on the program and routes of the Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières and Lac du Bourget here)

2 distances au programme le matin avec une longue distance de 13,5 km avec un aller/retour au départ du village de Chanaz (d’abord remontée du courant puis 3 km sur le lac avant de redescendre le canal) et une courte distance de 6,5 km au départ de la plage de Chatillon (commune de Chindrieux) sur le lac du Bourget puis descente du canal dans le sens du courant jusqu’à Chanaz). Plus d’infos sur le programme et les parcours de l’Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières et Lac du Bourget ici)

More info / Plus d’infos sur l’Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières et lac du Bourget

La video de la dernière édition de l’Alpine Lakes Tour canal de Savières et lac du Bourget en 2020

Registration Form / Formulaire d’inscription

Rejoignez l’équipe d’organisation de la GlaGla Race 2022 !

La GlaGla Race 2022 aura lieu du 21 au 23 janvier prochain au départ de Talloires-Montmin. Cet événement va rassembler des centaines d’amateurs de paddle du monde entier ! C’est un événement sportif et festif ! On y fête le plaisir d’être sur le lac d’Annecy, dans un paysage magnifique avec ses montagnes enneigées et cette magnifique lumière d’hiver !

Pour bien accueillir les participants, partenaires et public, nous avons besoin d’une trentaine de bénévoles ! Venez rejoindre l’équipe d’organisation ! Toutes les bonnes volontés sont les bienvenues ! Pas besoin de savoir faire du paddle, ni d’avoir une expérience quelconque ! Bonne humeur et bonne volonté indispensables en revanche !

Si vous êtes interessé(e)s vous pouver nous contacter au 06 85 85 6006 ou par email : ou encore via notre page Facebook (Alpine Lakes Tour)