Interview Vadim Khudyakov and Ocean camp presentation

Vadim Khudyakov
5 days to go before the GlaGla Race 2019 ! Are you ready ? We continue with our interviews and partner presentation with Vadim Khudyakov from Russia and Ocean Paddlecamp a new partner.
Hello Vadim !
Who are you ?
I am SUP Athlete and just good boy.
I am from Kaliningrad, it’s in Russia. I’ve been paddling for 2 years. I like windsurfing, skiing and kiteboarding…
Vadim KhudyakovWhere do you paddle ?
-River, lake and Baltic Sea
It’s your first GlaGla Race ? why did you register ?
yes It’s my first GlaGla Race. Just I like traveling, paddling and meet with SUP friendsIs SUP popular in Russia ?
Not so much like in France

Where are the best spots to practice ?
All spots are the best, the last of interesting places was Atlantic Ocean.


Interview Amaury Dormet, manager of the Ocean Paddle Camp

Ocean Paddle Camp is new GlaGla Race partner and Amaury Dormet is offering a very price !

Hello Amaury!

ocean paddle camp

1-Who are you? Since how long and why do you practice the Stand Up Paddle?

My name is Amaury DORMET and it’s 35 years that i am paddling. I started with the rowing with a very good level as athlete and then as a coach for 15 years, this was my job. Then, i needed some change and it is the ocean water paddle activities anowered to my expectation. Surf Life saving, prone paddling, outrigger canoe, Stand Up Paddle, and now foil. So it is 20 years that i am exploring all kinds of paddle activities who slide on and with the ocean.

To not be specialist don’t stop me to perform. I must have a national podium with all these activities and did some good performance in 2018 into 3 different sport federation.

ocean paddle camp

2-Can you tell us about the Ocean Paddle Camp? It is for who and what are we doing?

In 2018 i start a down wind center in Brittany with the Ocean Paddle Camp. The concept is to offer to each paddler a way to learn and progress on all different paddling activities such as SUP, prone paddle and outrigger canoe. We organize week and weekend training course with a team athlete guess who is reinforcing the management. Everyday, we intervene about paddling technic, physic exercise and adaptation to the ocean environment.

The peninsula of Crozon is a wonderfull location who i perfect to enjoy paddle activities. The past saison, 62 paddler come to our training camp. Crozon/Morgat is located in the middle of the Brest harbor, the bay of Dournenez and the Iroise sea, we can slide every single day of the year.

ocean paddle camp

With our partnership, Ocean Perf, Swell Addiction Brest, Side Shore, Glazsea à Morlaix, Direct Sailing la Baule et 3 Bay we also suggest to try a lot of material , included in the training course. One great opportunity to test the new things from some of the big brand of paddle, boards and outrigger canoe.

But ocean Paddle Camp is also a big house in Morgat, 200 meters from the beach, with all confort and facility a paddler dream off. (Gym room, sauna, drying space…..)

More information on

3-The Glaglarace inspire you?

I can’t wait to discover the Glaglarace. I heard a lot as a great event. I also organise myself some event in the Crozon peninsula, some nice race like the Presqu’île Paddle Race or the Morgat Waterman Challenge who are ocean race. So, yes, very curious to see about this this race who is very different of what i know. I think i will learn a lot.

And this year, Glaglarace is also a partner of the Ocean Paddle Camp that will allow one of the participants to win an internship. We are very happy about this partnership, it’s a bridge between our 2 county for the same paddling and sliding passion.

Le teaser du film sur l’Alpine SUP Camp

Alpine SUP Camp Roselend Eric Terrien

L’Alpine SUP Camp c’était 2 jours de Clinic XXXL avec Eric Terrien sur un lac de montagne uniquement accessible aux 10 participants. Un film de ces 2 jours exceptionnels est en préparation. En attendant voici le teaser.

The Alpine SUP Camp was held last week during 2 days with Eric Terrien on a mountain lake where nobody else but the 10 trainees was allowed to paddle. A film will be released soon. Here is the trailer.

Alpine SUP Camp with Eric Terrien from widiwici video channel on Vimeo.

Alpine Lakes Tour is an experience about discovering beautiful lakes in the Alps, competing and meeting SUP addicts. This year, the Alpine Lakes Tour team launched a new experience with Earth SUP, Altipik and Arêches Beaufort: A SUP camp on a virtually private lake in the heart of the Savoie Region at 5000 feet. World famous Eric Terrien, held a clinic with a group limited to 10 people on Earth SUP boards. Lakes Roselend is situated in a remote location 20 km from the nearest village. Only a few farms and a small hotel can be found around the lake. The camp was located close to a farm at the end of the lake in the wildest area, just below the famous Pierra Menta mountain. Here is a teaser of the Alpine SUP Camp movie.

Alpine SUP Camp : 2 jours avec Eric Terrien dans un endroit unique au monde

alpine sup camp Roselend


L’Alpine Lakes Tour est une “expérience” en 3 dimensions: nature, sportive et humaine.

Au delà de la compétition, le plaisir de découvrir des lieux magiques, d’éprouver des sensations différentes et de partager.

Nous allons vous proposer une nouvelle expérience, au format XXXL ! Un concept complètement nouveau, unique, exclusif :


2 jours avec une légende du stand up paddle sur un lac “privé” avec une nuit en campement dans un endroit complètement sauvage !


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