Tropical Race 2022 : the results !

The Tropical Race 2022 is over ! Thanks to the Tropical Corner crew ! What an incredible place for a summer race !

Congrats to Ludovic Teulade winner of the long distance (Men’s Long distance Race) and Emmanuelle Marcon (Women’s long distance)

La Tropical Race est terminée ! Merci à l’équipe du Trop’ pour leur accueil, leur aide et leur amitié ! On se revoit très vite pour de nouvelles aventures !

Bravo à Ludovic Teulade vainqueur chez les hommes de la longue distance et à Emmanuelle Marcon vainqueur chez les femmes de la longue distance.

Results / Resultats Tropical Race

Long distance / longue distance

Resultats Longue Distance

Short Distance / Courte distance results

1176ROSARIO DO N.Renato00:51:25H

BAT RACE 2022 : the results !

The BAT RACE 2022 is over ! Thanks to all participants who took the usual challenge to compete in a SUP Race… under the surface of the earth !

Bat Race 2022 photo : Alexis Fernet

The Alpine Lakes Tour has struck a blow again at the start of the season with the return of the BAT Race: the only underground paddle race!

Saturday March 12, 2022, stand-up paddle enthusiasts from Switzerland, France, Italy and even the Czech Republic and Poland had an appointment for this reissue of a world first at Lac de St-Léonard, the largest underground lake in Europe, located in Valais (Switzerland).

The fact of being underground, almost in the dark, gives a very unique atmosphere to this race.

A very feminine race 

It’s rare enough to point it out: there were more women than men yesterday at the BAT Race with a very high level!

A paddle tournament

Competitors competed in a tournament with a women’s board and a men’s board. All participants were able to run at least 3 times.  

The equipment (paddle, vest, paddles) was provided by the Alpine Lakes Tour’s sporting partner: Red Paddle Co, inventor of the inflatable stand up paddle.

A race in disguise!

The theme was naturally that of superheroes! But not everyone had to be Batman or Batwoman… A special prize was awarded for the best costumes!

The results

Finalists women tournament

  1. Leilou Spano
  2. Nicole Angeloz
  3. Loreline Rossel
  4. Samelia Perrenoud
  5. Marie Théraulaz
  6. Audrey Vassali

Finalists men tournament

  1. Wolfgang Guetg
  2. Olivier Comazzi
  3. François-Xavier Vuchot
  4. Fabrice Bernoud
  5. Stéphane Guillermin
  6. Édouard Favre-Felix

Finalists kids tournament

  1. Hugo Viguier
  2. Chloé Fortin
  3. Jade Vienot Carteret
  4. Thomas Fortin 

 The underground lake of Saint Léonard

The underground lake of St-Léonard is located in Switzerland, between Sion and Sierre, in the heart of the Valais Alps. This lake nestles between 30 and 70 meters deep. With a length of almost 300 meters, it is the largest natural and navigable underground lake in Europe. Weakly influenced by seasonal changes, the temperature of the cave is constantly around 15 degrees, that of the water at 11 degrees.

Open to the public from March to October, the lake can be explored by taking part in guided tours on boats with a capacity of 40 people. Original events are regularly offered there, such as aperitifs or concerts on board the boats. 

The official opening of the lake to the public for the 2022 season will take place next weekend.

Navigating the lake on a stand-up paddle is totally unique and reserved for this stage of the Alpine Lakes Tour.

Alpine Paradise Race : Results & pictures !

  • Alpine Paradise Race

The Alpine Paradise Race 2021 took place on Lake Place Moulin on saturday 25th. We had a sunny day with mild temperature. The Lake is at 2000m high in the Aosta Valley. It’s a really wild place with a confortable Refuge very close to the event location.

L’Alpine Paradise Race 2021 si è svolta sabato 25 sul Lake Place Moulin. Abbiamo avuto una giornata di sole con temperatura mite. Il Lago si trova a 2000 m di altezza in Valle d’Aosta. E’ un luogo davvero selvaggio con un confortevole Rifugio molto vicino alla location dell’evento.

L’Alpine Paradise Race 2021 s’est déroulée sur le lac Place Moulin le samedi 25. Nous avons eu une journée ensoleillée avec une température douce. Le lac est à 2000m d’altitude dans la Vallée d’Aoste. C’est un endroit vraiment sauvage avec un refuge confortable très proche du lieu de l’événement.

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Very Flat Race 2019 on lake Aiguebelette : resultats /results

Beautiful conditions yesterday for the Very Flat Race on Lake Aiguebelette ! A bit cold but the lake was very flat as expected for the long & short distance.

Ludovic Teulade won again the long distance (he won the GlaGla Race LD in January). His brother Jeremy won the beach race ! For women, Siri Schubert from switzerland won the long distance and Tanja Ecker (Germany) the beach race !

On the short distance the winner is Nicolas Andrey (on a 12’6 board) and for women, Muriel Bernard is first.

long distance start

Official Video

Long distance results / Ranking per category

  • 14′ hardb. = 14′ harbooards / SUP rigides
  • 14′ Infl. = 14′ Inflatable boards / SUP gonflables
  • M = Men / Hommes
  • W = Women / Femmes

Updated : April 16th – 2:40 pm

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An unforgettable GlaGla Race ! Une GlaGla Race inoubliable !

glagla race 2019 à Talloires lac d'AnnecyWhat a GlaGla Race ! Sunny and cold, 650 registered participants from 20 countries ! Thanks everybody for coming ! Thanks also for your fairplay and good mood ! Thanks to the organisation team and the volunteers : Anaïs, Angélique, Arnaud, Benjamin, Caroline, Elie, Elodie, Florian & Florian, François, Guillaume, Jean-Luc, Jenny, Jérôme, Lionel & Lionel, Marc, Mathilde, Mathis, Elodie, Muriel, Nathalie, Olivier, Phil & Phil, Sarah, Sébastien, Sophie, Stéphanie & Yannick ! Thanks to Talloires-Montmin & the SAMETT : Julien & Marie-Paule, Monsieur Jean Favrot, Mayor of Talloires-Montmin. Thanks Christopher Parker and the Paddle League team, thanks Yoann & Sarah  (Aerostudio) for their incredible video and Alexis for the pictures !Thanks also Links and the lake Annecy Tourist office ! Many thanks to the Diving Club of Annecy le Vieux, Yoann Conte, the Rowing club of Sevrier and the rowing club of Talloires who helped us with their boats.

Quelle GlaGla Race ! Ensoleillée et froide, 650 inscrits de 20 pays ! Merci à tous d’être venus ! Merci à tous pour votre fairplay et votre bonne humeur ! Merci à notre belle équipe d’organisation et de bénévoles : Anaïs, Angélique, Arnaud, Benjamin, Caroline, Elie, Elodie, Florian & Florian, François, Guillaume, Jean-Luc, Jenny, Jérôme, Lionel & Lionel, Marc, Mathilde, Mathis, Elodie, Muriel, Nathalie, Olivier, Phil & Phil, Sarah, Sébastien, Sophie, Stéphanie & Yannick ! Merci à la commune de Talloires-Montmin et à la SAMETT : Julien et Marie-Paule, Monsieur Jean Favrot maire de Talloires-Montmin. Merci à Christopher Parker et à l’équipe de de The Paddle League, merci à Yoann et Sarah (Aerostudio) pour leur video incroyable et à Alexis pour les photos ! Merci aussi à Links et à l’office de Tourisme du lac d’Annecy. Un grand merci au club de plongée d’Annecy le Vieux, à Yoann Conte, aux clubs d’aviron de Sevrier et Talloires qui nous ont été avec leurs bateaux !

GlaGla Race Official video

GlaGla Race faces


Long distance / longue distance

Women/Femmes 14’

  1. Sonni Hönscheid – Onexe – Starboard (Germany) 1h35’14”
  2. Amandine Chazot – Presqu’ile sports côtier- Sunova (France) 1h35’31”
  3. Ella Oesterholt – Hkv Haarlem – Starboard (Netherlands) 1h42’11”

Men/Hommes 14’

  1. Ludovic Teulade – Annecy Stand Up Paddle Club – Oxbow (France) 1h28’35”
  2. Normen Weber KSA Augsburg  – Siren (Germany) 1h28’35”
  3. Leonard Nika – Starboard (Italy) 1h28’38”

Women/Femmes 12’6 hardboard/Rigide

  1. Sigrid Baumgartner – SUP Club Burgenland (Austria) 2h00’06”
  2. Marie Esnaola – Handi Surf (France) 2h02’10”
  3. Laurence Perrier (France) 2h05’03”

Men/Hommes 12’6 hardboard/Rigide

  1. Steve Liner – Surf In Trouville (France) 1h41’35”
  2. Gilles Bruzac – Gravelines Kayak Vaa (France) 1h47’19”
  3. Stéphane Guillermin (Switzerland) 1h49’43”

Women/Femmes 12’6 ISUP/gonflable

  1. Julie Tocqueville – Hyères Stand Up Paddle Club (France) 2h05’30”
  2. Gill Strange  Braylake England (UK) 2h10’44”
  3. Florence Claeskens KYC (Belgium) 2h14’38”

Men/Hommes 12’6 ISUP/Gonflable

  1. Jonas Pauldrach – WPH (Germany) 1h39’13”
  2. Alexandre Eneman GKV (France) 1h46’09”
  3. Gilles Mathieu (France) 1h47’43”

Wise Men (over 60)/ Grand sages (+60)

  1. Daniel Ferri (France) 1h58’16”
  2. Paul Pollanka – SUP Club Burgenland (Austria) 2h02’05”
  3. Emmanuel Bouchel – Le Grand Huit (France) 2h02’39”

Wise Women (over 60) Grandes sages (+60)

  1. Martine Chollet – Savoie Paddle Club (France) 2h02’19”

Outrigger / Pirogues Men / Hommes

  1. Mickaël Couve Bonnaire / Tony Coulange  (France)
  2. Frédéric Balmens  (France)
  3. Lionel Mougin  (France)

Outrigger / Pirogues Women / Femmes

  1. Nina Chantri
  2. Pauline Marzilli

Short distance / Courte distance

Women/Femmes 12’6 ISUP/gonflable

  1. Elena Moriggia – Surf’in Trouville (France) 52’43”
  2. Florence Teurquetil (France) 53’26”
  3. Sandrine Genet – Savoie Paddle Club (France) 55’47”

Men/Hommes 12’6 ISUP/gonflable

  1. Yuri Karavaev Rapid SUP (Ukraine) 44’49”
  2. Antoine Thomas – Team Decathlon Ecully (France) 46’00”
  3. Vincent Lemaine (France) 46’51”

Women/Femmes 12’6 Hardboard/Rigide

  1. Emmanuelle Marcon – Pagaie Club Thonon (France) 46’11”
  2. Catherine Hardouin – OCEAN (France) 50’55”
  3. Charlotte Dambrine – Le Grand Huit (France) 52’24”

Men/Hommes 12’6 Hardboard/Rigide

  1. Thomas Berger (France) 47’30”
  2. Enzo Boccia (UK) 48’58”
  3. Paolo Nardini (Italy) WAS Savona

Women/Femmes 14’

  1. Florence Julen – SUP Spirit Sion (Switzerland)  46’58”
  2. Laure Pelletier – OCEAN (France) 47’18”
  3. Karine Dumont – OCEAN (France) 47’42”

Men/Hommes 14’

  1. Laurent Guyout – Doubs Paddle (France) 41’56”
  2. Patryck Kowalski (Poland) 42’51”
  3. Benoît Ruffier – Annecy Stand Up Paddle Club (France) 42’53”

Junior Men / Hommes

  1. Teo Druelle Pagaie Club Thonon (France) 47’27”
  2. Marceau Capitanio (France) 50’07”
  3. Pablo Bauer (France) 51’29”

Junior Women / Femmes

  1. Lola Pelletier – OCEAN (France) 46’57”


Résultats POP & FAT Race results, Talloires – Lac d’Annecy

POP&FAT Race Talloires Lac Annecy

Yesterday in Talloires, lake Annecy (France). Peter Tritten (Switzerland) won the FAT Race (3:25:53) before Hervé Rota (France) and Leandro Cruz (Brazil). The first woman is Tanja Mock (Switzerland) before Micheline Hauchecorne (Switzerland) and Morgane Dody (Switzerland).

On the Mini FAT Race The winner is Samuel Carbillet (France) before Cedric Gachet (Switzerland) and Laurent Guyout (France). The first woman is Marie Dautruche (14′ – Switzerland)  before Lidvina Champendal (12’6 – Switzerland) and Cécile Jan (12’6 – France) 

Video POP & FAT RACE 2018

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Résultats complet WILD Race Full results

wild race lac de roselend

Après la publication des podiums de la WILD Race, vous trouverez ci-dessous les résultats complets des 3 courses principales (courte et longue distance, technical race).

After posting the podiums, we publish hereafter the full resultats for three main races (short & long distance, technical race)

L’ensemble des photos (merci à Axel Phélippon) seront publiées sur la page Facebook de l’Alpine Lakes Tour et la vidéo sera publiée avant la fin de la semaine.

All the pictures (thanks Axel Phélippon) will published on the Alpine Lakes Tour Facebook Page and the video will be published later this week.

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video et Résultats FAT & POP Race Talloires 2017

FAT Race Lac d'Annecy 2017

Une vidéo originale qui reflète l’esprit de l’Alpine Lakes Tour : courses de haut niveau avec notamment une FAT Race de 31 km (tour du lac) dans des conditions difficiles (chaleur et vagues sur le retour), esprit de famille, une vraie communauté de paddleurs de tout niveau, de débutant à compétiteur de niveau mondial.

A special video edit of the FAT & POP Race which shows what the Alpine Lakes Tour spirit is : a mix of high level sup race, a community of paddlers loving to share very special moments, fair-play and all kinds of participants from beginners to world class paddlers.

La Video / the video Edit

Merci à Yoann Demange Aerostudio

Une autre video plus axée sur la FAT Race sera bientôt diffusée.

Another edit more focused on the FAT Race will be released soon.

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Kai-Nicolas Steimer remporte la beach race de l’Outdoormix Festival

Dan Gavere et Nick Crettenand Outdoormix Festival 2017

Après le downwind hier, aujourd’hui c’était beach race ce matin sur le plan d’eau d’Embrun ! Le vent s’est levé très vite et a forci pendant l’épreuve, gênant les concurrents qui s’attendaient du super flat. Le parcours, beaucoup plus resseré que l’an dernier se composait d’une boucle de 600m à réaliser 5 fois, soit 4 passages à terre et 25 bouées à virer !

After yesterday’s downwind, today was the day of the beach race on the small Lake of Embrun. The wind started blowing just when the race started, at an unusually early time. Each lap was 600m long, with 5 laps to do that’s to say 25 buoys to turn !

Bravo à Kai-Nicolas Steimer (Allemagne) qui fait toute la course en tête et termine devant Hervé Rota (France) et son compatriote Valentin Illichmann !

Congrats to Kai-Nicolas Steimer (Germany) who stayed ahead all the race long before Hervé Rota (France) and Valentin Illichmann (Germany)

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