GlaGla Race 2022 program / le programme

GlaGla Race

Registrations for the GlaGla Race are now open! Les inscriptions pour la GlaGla Race sont maintenant ouvertes !

Friday January, 21th 2022

  • 11 am : Welcome coffee / tea + bib pick up
  • 2pm – 5pm: clinics, conferences, talks
  • 3.30 pm : Paddle Yoga + Sauna (30€)
  • bib pick up until 9 pm

Vendredi 21 janvier 2022

  • 11h : Accueil des participants et retrait des dossards
  • 11h : activité du matin (plus d’infos très vite)
  • 12h00 : Déjeuner (plusieurs food trucks seront présents)
  • 14h-17h : Activités de l’après-midi : conférences, discussions, clinics, paddle yoga, Sauna, massages.
  • Retrait des dossards jusqu’à 21h
  • Toute l’après-midi : test de matériel avec les marques partenaires présentes.

Saturday 22th

  • 7:30 am / 09:30 am : welcome coffee / tea + bib pick up
  • 9:45 am : Skippers’ meeting10:00 am : Warm up
  • 10:30 am : start long & short & very short distance races
  • 12:30 am / 1:30 pm : déjeuner / Lunch
  • 1 pm-2 pm : Dragon World Series : Race on Red Paddle Dragon board for 4 people, free / register on bib pick up
  • 2:30 pm : Technical Race
  • 3.30 pm : Live Music & Bar5 pm : Prizes ceremony
  • 5:30 pm-7:30 pm : Live Music & Bar8 pm GlaGla Film festival (to be confirmed)

Samedi 22 janvier 2022

  • 7h30 / 09h30 : Accueil des participants et retrait des dossards
  • 9h45 : Briefing
  • 10h00 : Échauffement
  • 10h30 : Départ courses CD, LD et très courte distance
  • 12h30 / 13h30 : déjeuner
  • 13h-14h : Dragon Race : course à 4 (sur Red Paddle Dragon prêtée, gratuit)
  • 14h30 : Technical Race
  • 16h30 : Remise des prix
  • 17h30-19h30 : Live music & bar
  • 19h30 : Festival de cinéma de la GlaGla au cinéma de Talloires (à confirmer)

Sunday 23th

Reserve day in case of bad weather on saturday

Skiing day at le Grand-Bornand otherwise (special discount for GlaGla Race participants : -30%)

Dimanche 23

  • Jour de réserve en cas de mauvais temps le samedi
  • Le Grand bornand partenaire de la GlaGla Race
  • Journée ski au Grand-Bornand autrement avec tarif spécial GlaGla Race (-30%)

GlaGla Race 2022 : Registration opening today / Ouverture des inscriptions aujourd’hui !

GlaGla Race 2022

The main stage of the Alpine Lakes Tour, the GlaGla Race, will take place from January 21 to 23, 2022 from Talloires, Lake Annecy! Registrations open today at 6 p.m. (Geneva time)

La principale étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour, la GlaGla Race, aura lieu du 21 au 23 janvier 2022 au départ de Talloires, lac d’Annecy ! Les inscriptions ouvrent aujourd’hui à 18h (heure de Genève)

La tappa principale dell’Alpine Lakes Tour, la GlaGla Race, si svolgerà dal 21 al 23 gennaio 2022 da Talloires, sul lago di Annecy! Iscrizioni aperte oggi alle 18 (ora di Ginevra)

Die Hauptetappe der Alpine Lakes Tour, das GlaGla Race, findet vom 21. bis 23. Januar 2022 von Talloires am See von Annecy statt! Anmeldungen ab heute um 18 Uhr (Genfer Zeit) möglich

¡La etapa principal del Alpine Lakes Tour, la GlaGla Race, se llevará a cabo del 21 al 23 de enero de 2022 desde Talloires, Lake Annecy! Las inscripciones abren hoy a las 6 p.m. (hora de Ginebra)

De hoofdetappe van de Alpine Lakes Tour, de GlaGla Race, vindt plaats van 21 tot 23 januari 2022 vanuit Talloires, het meer van Annecy! De inschrijvingen openen vandaag om 18u (Genève tijd)

Hovedetappen i Alpine Lakes Tour, GlaGla Race, finder sted fra 21. til 23. januar 2022 fra Talloires, Annecysøen! Registreringerne åbner i dag kl. 18.00 (Genève -tid)

Glavna etapa turneje po alpskih jezerih, dirka GlaGla, bo potekala od 21. do 23. januarja 2022 iz Talloiresa, na jezeru Annecy! Prijave se odprejo danes ob 18. uri (po ženevskem času)

Pagrindinis Alpių ežerų turo etapas „GlaGla Race“ vyks 2022 m. Sausio 21–23 d. Iš Talloires, Annecy ežero! Registracija atidaroma šiandien 18 val. (Ženevos laiku)

Главный этап Alpine Lakes Tour – гонка GlaGla Race – пройдет с 21 по 23 января 2022 года в Таллуаре на озере Анси! Регистрация открыта сегодня в 18:00 (по женевскому времени).

Основний етап туру по Альпійських озерах, перегони GlaGla, відбудеться з 21 по 23 січня 2022 року з Таллуара на озері Ансі! Реєстрація відкривається сьогодні о 18:00 (за Женевським часом)

알파인 레이크 투어의 메인 스테이지인 GlaGla Race는 2022년 1월 21일부터 23일까지 안시 호수의 탈루아르에서 개최됩니다! 등록은 오늘 오후 6시에 시작됩니다(제네바 시간)

Högsta etappen av Alpine Lakes Tour, GlaGla Race, kommer att äga rum från 21 till 23 januari 2022 från Talloires, sjön Annecy! Registreringar öppnar idag kl 18 (Genève -tid)

Az Alpine Lakes Tour fő szakaszára, a GlaGla Race -ra 2022. január 21. és 23. között kerül sor Talloiresből, az Annecy -tóról! A regisztráció ma genfi ​​idő szerint 18 órakor kezdődik.

Registration / Inscriptions

Please refer to the website for all the information on the event, the program and the conditions of participation.

Merci de vous référer au site pour avoir toutes les informations sur l’événement, le programme et les conditions de participation.

Direct link / Lien direct

More about Alpine Lakes Tour 2022

Fiona Wylde is ready for the GlaGla Race

Fiona Wylde GlaGla RaceFiona Wylde arrived in France one week before the GlaGla Race and was on the lake last sunday for a training session with Alain Teurquetil and Annecy Stand Up Paddle Club.

We asked her a few questions while she was on her way to go skiing in Chamonix !

Question 1 : A SUP race in the middle of winter in the Alps… on lake, what a strange idea don’t you think?

When I told my friends and family that I was coming to France for a race in the mountains in January, I got some pretty strange looks. Sure, it’s a different type of race and a bit unusual, but those are the best experiences!! I’m really excited to race, whatever the weather may be!

Question 2 : You arrived a week ago and came to a training session last sunday in Talloires. What was your first impression of the place, the lake ?

It’s been really nice to arrive early. I got here a week and a half before the race so I can enjoy the mountains skiing and get a few good paddles in before the race. Paddling with the Sunday crew was spectacular!! The local group here in Annecy is really strong and very passionate! It was fun to get on the water with everybody, especially with Alain leading us in Interval Training! 😜

Question 3 : Are you ready 😉 ?

3) I’m really looking forward to it!

Thanks Fiona enjoy you stay in Annecy and good luck for the races !


Ty Judson arrived in France one week before the GlaGla Race

Ty Judson will be at the GlaGla Race

Hi Ty! We are super excited to welcome you at the GlaGla Race! What does it represent for a waterman such as yourself who is used to warm conditions, waves and saltwater, to race in the Alps in the middle of winter?

I find that racing in potentially sub zero temperatures is a novelty, but with the higher level of athletes attending it turns into a challenge. Having the likes of Titouan Puyo, Ludovic Teulade and Martin Vitry you always know that when you get on the start line it’s going to be as competitive of a race as any.

Ty Judson NSP team

There are more and more NSP riders attending the GlaGla Race, can you tell us more about the team?

The NSP team is a very tight knit family that I’ve grown to know and love. No matter where we are in the world, we always find the time to come together, have some fun and put on a show. I feel honoured to have been adopted into this amazing team. Having someone like Titouan Puyo to help guide the way as a mentor, fellow competitor, brother and friend has been something of an invaluable experience to me. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for me and the team.

Ty judson waves

What board are you intending to use for the GlaGla Race?

For the GlaGla Race 2020, I’ll be using the NSP Carolina. It definitely gives me the advantage for any condition Annecy has to throw at me.

You’re coming for the GlaGla Race, but the ski resorts aren’t that far away, are you planning on skiing during your stay?

That’s about all I’ll be doing during my stay here in France. I’ll be with the NSP Team (my second family) in Valmorel snowboarding, cross country skiing, mountaineering etc. – most of which are brand new to me, which I’m super excited to experience!

GlaGla Race 2019 : 10 reasons why you should register !

glagla race 2017

10 reasons (but there are more !) why you should register for the GlaGla Race in 2019 !

La version française de cet article est ici

  • The GlaGla Race represents the opportunity to participate in one the largest SUP Race in the world (500 paddlers in 2018, up to 700 in 2019)
  • The GlaGla Race is about the unique feeling of paddling in a beautiful mountain landscape covered with snow. (and even sometimes with snow on the beach !)
  • The GlaGla Race is SUP Race… but you can also enjoy skiing with many ski resorts all around (and even 2 ski lifts in Talloires !)
  • At the GlaGla Race, you can find very affordable accommodation (if you register early enough) especially with our partners : Les Alérions and Florimontane.
  • At the GlaGla Race you will also find clinics, yoga lessons, talks and board testing.
  • At the GlaGla Race you can get a nice organic GlaGla T-Shirt for a special price :5€ only (until november 31st)
  • The GlaGla Race is the first Alpine Lakes Tour stage, a friendly competition accross the Alps where you will meet other passionate and sporty people to share and challenge.
  • The GlaGla Race is the opening race of The Paddle League (offering points for the world ranking)
  • The GlaGla Race is a popular event gathering the best athletes and participants who race for the first time ! You can participate even if you don’t have a board (you can rent one)
  • The GlaGla Race offers the opportunity to discover Talloires, a beautiful village between the lake and the mountains !

More about GlaGla Race 2019 :

GlaGla Race videos