Leman Crossing : Lake Geneva on a Dragon

Leman Crossing

The Leman (Lake Geneva) Crossing on Dragon boards (stand up paddle board for 4 persons) east to west (82 km) is postponed to 2024. No need for equipment: paddles (Red Paddle Dragon), paddles, safety equipment are provided). Nevertheless if you have you own Red Paddle Dragon, there is a discount on registration fees.

To promote the Race and to offer you a chance to try it, we are planning a free Leman crossing on Sunday, May 28, 2023 with Lac Annecy Paddle Club and NCY SUP. If you have your own Red Paddle Dragon Board, join us ! If you don’t have one, you can rent it (see NCY SUP Rates)

Leman Crossing Video

La Traversée du Léman (Lac Léman) en Dragon (stand up paddle pour 4 personnes)

La Traversée du Léman (Lac Léman) en planches Dragon (stand up paddle pour 4 personnes) d’est en ouest (82 km) est reportée à 2024. Pas besoin de matériel : pagaies (Red Paddle Dragon), pagaies, matériel de sécurité sont fournis) . Néanmoins si vous possédez votre propre Red Paddle Dragon, il y a une réduction sur les frais d’inscription.

Pour promouvoir la Course et vous offrir une chance de l’essayer, nous prévoyons une traversée gratuite du Léman le dimanche 28 mai 2023 avec Lac Annecy Paddle Club et NCY SUP. Si vous avez votre propre Red Paddle Dragon Board, rejoignez-nous ! Si vous n’en avez pas, vous pouvez le louer (voir tarifs NCY SUP)

Die Leman (Genfersee)-Überquerung auf Dragon Boards

Die Leman (Genfersee)-Überquerung auf Dragon Boards (Stand Up Paddle Board für 4 Personen) von Ost nach West (82 km) wird auf 2024 verschoben. Keine Ausrüstung erforderlich: Paddel (Red Paddle Dragon), Paddel, Sicherheitsausrüstung werden gestellt) . Wenn Sie jedoch Ihren eigenen Red Paddle Dragon haben, gibt es einen Rabatt auf die Registrierungsgebühren.

Um für das Rennen zu werben und Ihnen die Möglichkeit zu geben, es auszuprobieren, planen wir eine kostenlose Leman-Überquerung am Sonntag, den 28. Mai 2023 mit dem Lac Annecy Paddle Club und NCY SUP. Wenn Sie Ihr eigenes Red Paddle Dragon Board haben, machen Sie mit! Wenn Sie keins haben, können Sie es mieten (siehe NCY SUP-Preise)

La traversata del Lemano (Lago di Ginevra) su tavole Dragon

La traversata del Lemano (Lago di Ginevra) su tavole Dragon (stand up paddle board per 4 persone) da est a ovest (82 km) è rinviata al 2024. Non necessita di attrezzatura: pagaie (Red Paddle Dragon), pagaie, equipaggiamento di sicurezza sono forniti) . Tuttavia, se possiedi il tuo Red Paddle Dragon, c’è uno sconto sulle quote di iscrizione.

Per promuovere la gara e offrirti la possibilità di provarla, stiamo pianificando una traversata gratuita del Leman domenica 28 maggio 2023 con il Lac Annecy Paddle Club e NCY SUP. Se hai la tua Red Paddle Dragon Board, unisciti a noi! Se non ne hai uno, puoi noleggiarlo (vedi Tariffe NCY SUP)

Chaude ambiance à la Tropical Race ! Warm atmosphere at the Tropical Race :-)

For the 3rd year in a row, the aficionados of the Alpine Lakes Tour had an appointment at the Tropical Corner in Geneva (Switzerland). Once again the event has kept all its promises both on the water and on land! A big thank you to all the competitors from Switzerland, France and Italy!

Pour la 3eme année d’affilée, les aficionados de l’Alpine Lakes Tour avaient rendez-vous au Tropical Corner à Genève (Suisse). Une nouvelle fois l’événement a tenu toutes ses promesses tant sur l’eau qu’à terre ! Un grand merci à tous les compétiteurs venus de Suisse, France et Italie !

Plus de photos / More pictures on our Facebook Page

Résultats Tropical Race 2022

Les résultats de la Tropical Race 2022 sont ici / Tropical Race results are here

Next stop / Prochaine étape : Alpine Paradise Race !

Titouan Puyo Alpine Paradise Race

La prochaine étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour aura lieu les 25 et 26 septembre sur le magique lac de Place Moulin pour l’Alpine Paradise Race. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes !

The next stage of the Alpine Lakes Tour will take place on September 25 and 26 on the magical lake of Place Moulin for the Alpine Paradise Race. Registration is open!

Tropical Race : les inscriptions sont ouvertes ! Registration is now open !

tropical corner

La Tropical Race : une étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour au départ du Tropical Corner dans une ambiance sportive et festive ! Bons burgers, bonnes limonades et bières pour l’après course 😉

The tropical Race : a stage of the Alpine Lakes Tour starting from the Tropical Corner in a sporty and festive atmosphere! Good burgers, good lemonades and beers for after the race 😉

Programme spécial pour cette Tropical Race au Tropical Corner avec une longue (10km) et courte distance (5 km) le matin, même départ. Nous aurons l’après-midi une Dragon Race et une Kids Race en tout début d’après-midi.

Special program for this Tropical Race at the Tropical Corner with a long (10km) and short distance (5 km) departure in the morning at the same time. We will have a Dragon Race in the afternoon and a Kids Race at the very beginning of the afternoon.

Video Tropical Race 2021

Programme Tropical Race 2022

8h30 accueil des concurrents et remise des dossards + inscriptions sur place
9h50 Briefing
10h Départ longue et courte distance en même temps
13h30 Kids Race
14h Dragon Race
15h30 Remise des prix

Inscriptions Tropical Race

Hébergement recommandé : TCS Camping Genève-Vésenaz, Pointe à la Bise

A 5 km, au bord du lac le camping de Genève Vésenaz (Pointe à la bise)

Plus d’informations / More Info about the tropical Race

Alpine Lakes Tour 2020! Save the dates! everything is changing (almost)

Alpine Lakes Tour 2020

Happy new year ! We prepared a brand new Alpine Lakes Tour with a new race and many changes in the racing program !

In 15 days we start with the famous GlaGla Race ! Registration is still open but don’t be too late, prices are going up for late comers next monday !

Alpine Lakes Tour 2020 schedule

  • January 17-19th : The GlaGla Race, Talloires Lake Annecy
  • April 18-19th : Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières et lac du Bourget
  • May 29-31st : Leman Crossing : 82 km across Lake Geneva on 4 person racing SUPs !
  • June 7th : Very Flat Race (Lake Aiguebelette)
  • July 16th : Summer kids paddle battle Evian
  • September 19-20th : Alpine Paradise Race – Aosta Valley (Lake Place de Moulin
  • October 10-11th : Inland waters french SUP race championships


From the summits of the Alps to the largest European lake

TRC_7481With 4 stops in 2 weeks and the Alpine SUP camp, for all stand up paddle and wide open mountain spaces addicts, it is an exciting time !

It started on Lake Roselend (with the famous Pierra Mountain above), a pure emerald green mountain lake with an XXL SUP Camp supervised by Eric Terrien.


Eric then won the long distance and technical race in Roselend and the SUPer LAP Race in Tignes !

This week-end, after the white summits of the Savoie, the Alpine Lakes Tour is heading towards the largest European lake, Lake Geneva, with 2 stops in 2 days : one on the French side in Sciez with a long distance race going up to the picturesque village of Yvoire, a short race, a technical and kid race, Red Paddle Co (and others brands) tests and also a GladiaSUP to relax afterwards. (a stand up paddle contest with inflatable obstacles)

On sunday August the 2nd, less than 30 kilometers from Sciez, a totally different stop in the city of Geneva in Switzerland. The race format is going to be more technical and fun with a SUPer LAP Race. The Super Lap concept is pretty simple: During a multi-lap race, each participant gets to take a shortcut on one lap of their choice. The key here is that each paddler gets to choose when they take the Super Lap. This throws up so many interesting possibilities that turns the race into an unpredictable, tactical battle.

Registration (in French)

Alpine Lakes Tour Lake Geneva schedule

Saturday August, 1st  : Sciez

8.30 am : Registration confirmation and bib pick up
10 am : Long and short distance races start
1 pm : GladiaSUP
2 pm : Kid Race
2-4 pm : Red Paddle 2015 range test (and others brands)
3.30 pm : Technical Race
5 pm : award ceremony
6 pm : Red Circus concert

Sunday August, 2nd : Geneva

10.30 am : Registration confirmation and bib pick up
11.30 am : Super LAP Race first round
12.30 am : Lunch at the Tropical Corner
1 pm : parents and kids contest
2 pm : Super LAP Race 2nd round
3 pm  : Award ceremony

Press contact

Benoit Mouren (widiwici) tel : +33(6) 85 85 6006 / mail : info@alpinelakestour.com
More info. : www.alpinelakestour.com

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