La BAT Race a unique under the ground SUP Race

Have you heard of the BAT Race ? Would like to register ? The BAT Race, one of the most famous Alpine Lakes Tour Races, is usually held in the middle of March….

The BAT Race is, according to the late SUP Race magazine SUP Racer, the most unique SUP Race in the world. This event is all the more exceptional as it is only organized every 4 or 5 years. The last edition dates from 2022 and the next is planned for 2025.

This underground lake in Switzerland is no ordinary body of water. Lake St. Leonard holds a constant, year-round air temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (59 F) and water temp of 11 (52 F).

The Bat Race will also be unique because it’s usually forbidden to stand up paddle on Lake Saint Leonard. Organisers have been granted special permission to host this one off race, and only a handful of paddlers have been allowed access to the lake.

Due to the very obvious space restrictions, entries for the Bat Race is limited to 60 paddlers and a few spectators.

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Check Alpine Lakes Tour 2024 Schedule. There will be no BAT Race, but we have another very special Race : The Alpine Paradise Race !

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