Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières and Lake Bourget Postponed / report étape du Canal de Savières et du lac du Bourget.

Canal de Savières Paddle course de l'Alpine Lakes Tour 2020

En raison de l’épidémie de coronavirus, nous avons décidé de reporter l’étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour du canal de Savières à cet été. La date de report n’est pas encore fixée, elle le sera dès que possible.

Les personnes inscrites pour la course pourront soit reporter leur inscription sur la nouvelle date ou sur une autre étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour (sans limite de durée) ou encore être remboursées (déduction faite des frais bancaires).

Tanja Ecker on the Canal de Savières

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, we decided to postpone the Alpine Lakes Tour stage of the Canal de Savières until this summer. The postponement date is not yet fixed, it will be as soon as possible.

People registered for the race can either postpone their registration on the new date or on another stage of the Alpine Lakes Tour (without time limit) or be reimbursed (minus bank charges).

Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières et lac du Bourget

Alpine Lakes Tour Savières

La prochaine étape de l’Alpine Lakes Tour aura lieu les 18 et 19 avril sur le canal de Savières et sur le lac du Bourget. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes !

–> Pour vous inscrire à l’Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières et la du Bourget

The next Alpine Lakes Tour stage will take place on April 18-19th, 2020 on the Canal de Savières and Lake Bourget. Registration opening tonight at 7 pm (GMT +2)

–> Register for the second Alpine Lakes Tour 2020 stage


GlaGla 2020 : A special thank you before anything else

GlaGla Race super team !

Before publishing the photos of the champions, the magnificent views of the lake and the 650 paddlers, .. thanks our great team! Probably the best team of volunteers in the world! There were 35 of them working like crazy for a week to prepare everything, manage everything on race day and put everything away afterwards!

A special thank you to Sarah who spends a lot of time and energy making the GlaGla Race and all stages of the Alpine Lakes Tour a success!

GlaGla Race Super team 2

Avant de publier les photos des champions, les magnifiques vues sur le lac et les 650 paddleurs,.. Merci à notre super équipe ! Probablement la meilleure équipe de bénévoles au monde ! Ils étaient 35 à bosser comme des malades pendant une semaine pour tout préparer, tout gérer le jour de la course et tout ranger après !

Un merci tout spécial à Sarah qui consacre énormément de temps et d’énergie à faire de la GlaGla Race et de toutes les étapes de l’Alpine Lakes Tour des succès !

Fiona Wylde is ready for the GlaGla Race

Fiona Wylde GlaGla RaceFiona Wylde arrived in France one week before the GlaGla Race and was on the lake last sunday for a training session with Alain Teurquetil and Annecy Stand Up Paddle Club.

We asked her a few questions while she was on her way to go skiing in Chamonix !

Question 1 : A SUP race in the middle of winter in the Alps… on lake, what a strange idea don’t you think?

When I told my friends and family that I was coming to France for a race in the mountains in January, I got some pretty strange looks. Sure, it’s a different type of race and a bit unusual, but those are the best experiences!! I’m really excited to race, whatever the weather may be!

Question 2 : You arrived a week ago and came to a training session last sunday in Talloires. What was your first impression of the place, the lake ?

It’s been really nice to arrive early. I got here a week and a half before the race so I can enjoy the mountains skiing and get a few good paddles in before the race. Paddling with the Sunday crew was spectacular!! The local group here in Annecy is really strong and very passionate! It was fun to get on the water with everybody, especially with Alain leading us in Interval Training! 😜

Question 3 : Are you ready 😉 ?

3) I’m really looking forward to it!

Thanks Fiona enjoy you stay in Annecy and good luck for the races !


Titouan Puyo répond à nos questions avant sa première GlaGla Race

Titouan Puyo NSP

Titouan Puyo vient spécialement de Nouvelle-Calédonie pour participer à la GlaGla Race ! Nous l’avons interrogé alors qu’il était en transit au Japon !

Hello Titouan, on est super content que tu viennes à la GlaGla Race ! On a 3 questions pour toi en attendant ton avion…

Une course en plein hiver dans les Alpes… drôle de concept non ?

Pas du tout , les Alpes c’est la neige et le froid pour un étranger haha !
Oui c’est sur que c’est une drôle d’idée de faire du sup à cette période. Il y a des amis en Calédonie qui ont eu du mal a me croire ! Mais le concept a fait ses preuves, vu le nombre de participants.

Le lac d’Annecy est tout proche des montagnes tu as prévu d’aller en profiter pour aller skier ?

C’est une excuse la course haha. L’idée c’est carrément d’y allier un trip ski. On va faire un essai de stage ski de fond tout le tralala avec Ty Judson, Vincent Verhoeven , Alain Teurquetil et notre entraîneur Vincent Guillaume.

Au programme  : ski rigolade et fondue !

Petite question matos : tu as prévu comme planche pour la GlaGla Race ?

Alors j’ai prévu deux planches. Ma ninja si les conditions sont totalement flat et ma carolina si le lac remue un peu.

Une dernière pour la route : tu t’es blessé parait-il ? Que s’est il passé ? Ça va mieux ?

J’ai mis la main sur une espèce de étoile de mer vénéneuse ! Ça fait trois semaines et c’était a la fin de ma pause donc j’ai pas trop rame depuis Paris. Ça va être une belle reprise haha

Merci Titouan ! Rendez vous samedi matin sur la plage de Talloires ! N’oublie pas ton bonnet !

Ty Judson arrived in France one week before the GlaGla Race

Ty Judson will be at the GlaGla Race

Hi Ty! We are super excited to welcome you at the GlaGla Race! What does it represent for a waterman such as yourself who is used to warm conditions, waves and saltwater, to race in the Alps in the middle of winter?

I find that racing in potentially sub zero temperatures is a novelty, but with the higher level of athletes attending it turns into a challenge. Having the likes of Titouan Puyo, Ludovic Teulade and Martin Vitry you always know that when you get on the start line it’s going to be as competitive of a race as any.

Ty Judson NSP team

There are more and more NSP riders attending the GlaGla Race, can you tell us more about the team?

The NSP team is a very tight knit family that I’ve grown to know and love. No matter where we are in the world, we always find the time to come together, have some fun and put on a show. I feel honoured to have been adopted into this amazing team. Having someone like Titouan Puyo to help guide the way as a mentor, fellow competitor, brother and friend has been something of an invaluable experience to me. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for me and the team.

Ty judson waves

What board are you intending to use for the GlaGla Race?

For the GlaGla Race 2020, I’ll be using the NSP Carolina. It definitely gives me the advantage for any condition Annecy has to throw at me.

You’re coming for the GlaGla Race, but the ski resorts aren’t that far away, are you planning on skiing during your stay?

That’s about all I’ll be doing during my stay here in France. I’ll be with the NSP Team (my second family) in Valmorel snowboarding, cross country skiing, mountaineering etc. – most of which are brand new to me, which I’m super excited to experience!

A paddler from South Korea at the GlaGla Race !

Ray from KoreaYu-hwan Ray In is the first Korean to participate in the GlaGla Race. We asked him a few questions…

Hello Ray ! You are the first Korean participating in the GlaGla Race ! Could tell us who you are, how long have you been practicing stand up paddling, where do you usually paddle ? I am a SUP enthusiast. I have been practicing paddling since 2016. I paddle in Han river in Seoul normally and east coast of Korea. Normally I go paddling early in the morning before my work. In 2019, I joined Asian SUP Tour held in South Korea and HK. Second question : Are you coming to France especially for the GlaGla Race ? Why did you choose to register ? What are you expecting ? GlaGla Race is the only reason for me to go to France. I expect to see lots of paddlers who don’t really care about cold. I would like to feel the atmosphere there and love to see the beautiful scenery of the Alps. Just enjoying~~, that’s the lifestyle I would like to have in my mid 40s. Ray from South Korea

More about the GlaGla Race

Alpine Lakes Tour 2020! Save the dates! everything is changing (almost)

Alpine Lakes Tour 2020

Happy new year ! We prepared a brand new Alpine Lakes Tour with a new race and many changes in the racing program !

In 15 days we start with the famous GlaGla Race ! Registration is still open but don’t be too late, prices are going up for late comers next monday !

Alpine Lakes Tour 2020 schedule

  • January 17-19th : The GlaGla Race, Talloires Lake Annecy
  • April 18-19th : Alpine Lakes Tour Canal de Savières et lac du Bourget
  • May 29-31st : Leman Crossing : 82 km across Lake Geneva on 4 person racing SUPs !
  • June 7th : Very Flat Race (Lake Aiguebelette)
  • July 16th : Summer kids paddle battle Evian
  • September 19-20th : Alpine Paradise Race – Aosta Valley (Lake Place de Moulin
  • October 10-11th : Inland waters french SUP race championships


Offrez la GlaGla Race et gagnez une bière GlaGla Race

Bon cadeau gift voucher glagla race

A quelques jours de Noël, nous vous proposons des bons cadeaux pour offrir la GlaGla Race !

A few days before Christmas, we are selling gift vouchers for the GlaGla Race ! Offer someone a ticket for the GlaGla Race 2020 !

artmalté micro brasserie annecy

Pour chaque bon cadeau commandé avant le 31 décembre, vous recevrez lors de la GlaGla Race une bouteille de bière spécialement brassée pour la GlaGla Race.

For each gift certificate you buy before december 31st, we offer a special GlaGla Race beer.

Pour commander votre bon cadeau, choisissez le montant via le module Weezevent en fonction de la ou des courses que vous souhaitez offrir et de l’âge du bénéficiaire (tarif réduit pour les moins de 25 ans)

To order you gift voucher, choose the amount corresponding to the race you want to offer according to the age of the participant (reduced fee for people under 25)