Flat Race Lake Aiguebelette results (in English!)

a rainy but happy flat race

10 days ago took place on Lake Aiguebelette the 2nd stop of the Alpine Lakes Tour 2016.

A rainy but happy Flat Race !

Sunday April 17th Lake Aiguebelette, Savoy – France.  The FLAT RACE, 2nd stop of the Alpine Lakes Tour 2016 took place in a nature reserve. The lake Aiguebelette is a preserved area where motor boat are banned. It’s a sheltered area famous for rowing where the world championships tooks place last year.

The night before the race, a big storm came up and shook the tents already installed on the beach. The rain stopped at 6 am and the lake was perfectly flat as the Long Distance started. Then the rain came back and lasted until the award ceremony.

The Teulade Brothers, Ludovic and Jérémy came up first before Philippe Lachenal (2015 Alpine Lakes Tour winner). In the main category (12’6 hard boards men), the podium is totally international with Leandro Cruz from Brazil (1st), Hakim Dridah from Switzerland (2nd) and Luca Di Silvestre from Italy (3rd).

The Technical Race was canceled because of really bad weather conditions in the afternoon but participants were able to test the lastest Red Paddle boards (Alpine Lakes Tour main sports partner). Two other brands 3BAY(custom boards) and SIC Maui had also a booth.

briefing Flat Race

Flat Race Results


12’6 Hard Boards Women Last Name First Name Time
1 Teulade Edith 1:34:29
2 Joubel Laurence 1:40:19
3 Marcon Emmanuelle 1:41:47
14′ women Last Name First Name Time
1 Baumgartner Sigrid 1:34:08
12’6 Hard Boards Men Last Name First Name Time
1 Cruz Leandro 1:21:03
2 Dridah Hakim 1:21:38
3 Di Silvestre Luca 1:23:02
14’ Men Last Name First Name Time
1 Teulade Ludovic 1:14:30
2 Teulade Jérémy 1:14:34
3 lachenal philippe 1:16:07
12’6 Inflatable Boards Men Last Name First Name Time
1 Guetg Wolfgang 1:29:04
2 Mathieu Gilles 1:31:59
3 Thomas Philippe 1:36:52


Coming Alpine Lakes Tour Stops : Outdoor Mix May 15th, POP Race and FAT Race June 11th and 12th


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